/Earth Guardian 27

Dear leaders of the world and all citizens,

Let me present you my complete plan for restoring peace and balance for the near future.


The main idea is to let the president of the U.S.A. know that he is not the president of the world. Also the right of souvernity should be protected and that is where North-Korea fits in.
Also Mr.Trump and Mr.Kim are matched to each other as i see it. Just as young little boys the one that can't keep it's drift is usually the one to put back in place. So here you have it: but if Mr. Kim does anything all hell would break loose and no one wants that.
But what if just a little guy sitting behind his computer
perfectly in the middle
would take the blame for this:
In stead of sending a nukehead missile to the U.S. send a fireworks-missile to Golgotha! The message: earthlings still don't seem to get the message after 2017 years! What about the Palestinians you Trumphead?? I will do anything i can to help them from my home and this is one of these things. Tears came when i heared about the desision to give away Jeruzalem to just one party. Thousands of years of history destroyed and no solution for all!
Mr.Trump you SHALL help Palestina too! Karma will get you.
Aim right Mr.Kim and DO IT!! For Soul and Humanity and learning the meaning of the cross, celebration and for freedom. The world will like Mr Kim for this act of trueness and from now on they can become or stay part in their own way. North Korea still is good counterweight against Americanism. This way human kind has something new to think about for the next 2000 years because it is time people stop calling Christ by his forename!
But my mental arrow is now aimed @ Mr.Trumps forehead >>--E.G.27-->

Also i hope to have everyones full understanding about what's goïng on,
In good resonance,

Roy Damen

Sidenote: At least you can all think about this, maybe Mr. #Kim Jong Un will get at least a smile on his face from this. For the fireworks: there is a pretty safe radius so no one has to and should get hurt. An idea crossed my mind for stopping the erosion with it. But i stop dreaming about Heaven on Earth now..