/Earth Guardian 27

About my name i can now say that the first daynumber, in my case number 2, soul status and recognition pointers to learn to oriëntate in four ways on the Earth's optimum status of lifeform. Our most important lesson here on Earth is to complete our Cosmic Compas, our own 4d view if i may say so. The first letter of the Alphabeth has been mastered after this. Only the first one yet! Amon-roy(-ke)(sounds:Roykuh but a keysound will do 2) understands now and the eyes begin to look as sharp as an eagle every day some more, the higher me is getting on feet. Of course this is no reason to get cocky in any kind of way nor to give away all my inner self through here or elsewhere. My role and task as dwarf or midget is pleasing enough and helpes people smile also. rRoyke with a ringing sound, here to help where i can.

Yes, can i speak about this with conviction, because my power of feeling this makes it to the supreme says the second birth number of me, 7. (a 8 and 9 have a slightly different meaning, comes later) A Sungod came to me down (but he did not fell from the skies) when I myself asked for help and was ready. Here you already have indirect evidence of 13 planets in our system and add Jupiter but soon it again without information abuse of what I tell here! All this serves to open Leerschool we go edifying here in Echt. There is a room or two extra needed for that, everything is ready.

Anyway, this is my life story so far:

Once, it was the first time my re-awakening began - and I still remember - I went to the kitchen that still exists. I was about 2yo. Then came the first word out. Not really good enough, it came from but flawed first. As if I wanted to speak English for mom. That hesitation experienced my parents and I knew to tell after better than my mother could later. Yet it is a remembrance of me.

On my third birthday I got a toy garbage truck as a gift from an aunt. What did I say it amused me! Later I gave father a race track and I think my first electric tinkering then began to expand the racetrack. Sadly father became ill and my sister, an aunt and I were at home when the call went from the hospital that he was gone. Then it was ikke 5. From the great room closet-la I picked up an orange plastic cross-like thing and held it tightly and said something in myself. I hold a moment.
It was a great time growing up, that's for sure.

After years of school and other experiences gained, oppression (especially in feeling development!), discoveries, people get to know and learn, i stopped study and started a simple job and found it to be more fun for me than learning the wrong things for a fabricated and falsified system to keep it going. That was clear to me at around age 14. See alone the ForestAtlas. That was then already to cry. Often i sat shouted and crying out loud to the world, but it is finally no longer needed. Once all go crazy, that was even necessary for me. But this information I hold for a while.

Overall I can say for now that I've already gone through the dust from all directions and still live! Through an oscillation experiment for my website Experimental Sound Engineering i am now awake as an Astral beïng also, as two separate entities but one and see that science the atom now has three-way split and plays with reality. So was this trip that I've been through too very deep depth sides, but I will spare the readers. The important thing is that the Magic Cauldron (think C.E.R.N.) is sealed well again for another 1000+ years with three new atomic locks that have been made by, through and with me. Their (mind control) game is now brought under control with the help of a little dwarf named Roy Damen.

Sorry Bill: This time you are played out completely. Just watch the final show; especially for you..

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